7-Inch Digital Photo Frame with WiFi, Alarm Clock & Weather Forecast Features


7inch WiFi Digital Photo Frame Alarm Clock Time Date Month Year Weather Forecast Clock
7-Inch Digital Photo Frame with WiFi, Alarm Clock & Weather Forecast Features $64.99

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Featuring a 7-inch bright HD LED display, this Digital⁢ Photo ‌Frame provides clear, eye-catching visuals with⁣ a large font for⁣ easy reading. The frame ‍supports a variety of⁤ media and features, including ‌weather forecasts function,‍ USB plugin ⁣for ⁣photo and video playback, and Wi-Fi connections on a 2.4G frequency band. The device ⁢can be operated using an infrared⁢ remote control.

There are ‌5​ groups ⁢of timer alarm clock designs and ‌3 medication reminder designs integrated into the frame. With a ​quiet ⁣design, the frame won’t disturb you ‌during any activities, such as reading, working, or sleeping. It enables users​ to choose from 8 different languages: English, ⁢Spanish, French, ‍German, Italian,​ Polish, ‍Dutch, and Welsh. Its display accommodates a spectrum of information, including the year, month, day, weekday,‌ morning, afternoon, evening, late⁤ night,‍ early morning. Simultaneously, it​ can obtain server time and weather forecasts from the network.

The‌ digital photo frame is made of durable ‌ABS ‌with a resolution of 1024 * 600 on a 10.1-inch screen. It supports a variety of ⁣media formats, including JPEG, JPG, BMP for photos; MP3, MP4 for audios;​ and​ MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, Xvid‌ for videos. The ⁢screen brightness is 250 cd/M2 and‍ it has a 12/24-hour time mode.

It features a dual date mode for US/European format and two date modes in a month-day-year/day-month-year format. The frame ⁤is available in black or white, with a variety‌ of plug styles to suit your needs: AU, US, UK,⁤ and EU plug. Included in the package are 1 digital photo frame, 1 adapter,‌ 1 bracket, 1 remote control, and 1 instruction manual.