700W 220V Mini Electric Polishing Machine Car Polisher Buffer Kit for Household


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220V 700W Mini Car Polisher Buffer Kit Electric Polishing Machine Household
700W 220V Mini Electric Polishing Machine Car Polisher Buffer Kit for Household $43.99

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Introducing the ⁤220V 700W Electric Household Car Polisher⁢ Polishing Machine, a versatile tool designed to make your life easier. This ‍model, E61826, comes in a sleek Blue+Black​ color that adds a touch of style to your tool‍ collection.

The polisher has ‌a compact dimension of⁣ 7.5×31.5cm, making it easy to handle and store.​ It comes in a⁣ package size of 13.3×26.5x21cm, ensuring it arrives at your doorstep in ⁤perfect condition.

This powerful​ machine operates at a voltage of 220V 50-60Hz, with a speed ​range of 600~3700r/min. It features a disc diameter of ‍125mm, making it suitable for a variety of surfaces. Whether you’re working on an automobile, metal, plastic, wood, or ‌any other material, this polisher has got you ⁤covered. ​

The polisher comes with a 1.6-meter cord, providing you⁢ with ample length to maneuver around your workspace. But ‍that’s⁣ not ‌all.⁣ This polisher isn’t just for cars. It’s⁣ also perfect for tiles, floors, shoes,⁤ stair railings, furniture⁤ seats, and more. ‍

Its compact and lightweight ‍design makes it easy ‍to hold, ⁢reducing operating fatigue. ⁤It also ⁤features a stepless‌ adjustable gear, allowing⁣ you to ⁣adjust the strength according to ‌your ​work needs. Plus, ‌it ‌operates with ‌low ⁢noise, ensuring a peaceful work environment.

The package includes the polisher, a handle, a self-adhesive disk, ⁤a woolen ‌wheel, and a wrench. We also distribute the⁤ adapter according to your country.

Please‍ note: Allow a 1-5mm error due to manual measurement. Also, the colors may ‌vary slightly due to different display settings.