700W LED Digital Hot Air Heater – Perfect for Soldering and Heat Welding


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JCD 8858 700W Hot Air Heater Micro Rework Soldering Station LED Digital Hair Dryer for Soldering Heat Welding Repair Tools
700W LED Digital Hot Air Heater - Perfect for Soldering and Heat Welding $49.99$65.99

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Dive into the dynamic features of our product guaranteed to enhance ⁢your work experience:

  1. Experience the comfort of portability with our ‌handheld design coupled with a convenient ⁢digital LED ​display.
  2. Equipped with microcomputer control, our⁤ product promises a quick warm-up time.
  3. Take control with our adjustable air flow ⁣and temperature⁢ control ⁣keypad. The power is in your hands.
  4. Our product comes with three types of nozzle⁢ replacements (big, medium, small) for ⁣maximum versatility. Instructions are provided to guide ⁤the ​process.
  5. Benefit from our product’s smart design. If the ‍resistance ⁤value ​is inaccurate, the part will be replaced automatically.
  6. Safety first! The product will stop rotating automatically when the temperature dips below 70℃.
  7. High-quality resistance‍ ensures a long​ service life.
  8. Safeguard your⁣ sensitive components. ​Our product is‌ perfect for soldering QFP, PLCC, BGA ⁤and other temperature-sensitive elements.
  9. Feel the intelligence with our product’s detection and cool‍ airflow features.
  10. Green⁢ lines and a ⁤high-quality silicone body ameliorate the heat, extending ‌the‌ product life ⁢and conserving energy.
  11. Our portable digital⁤ LED Bga rework station sports a brushless fan that ranges between 100W-650W.

Included in your package is 1 x JCD 8858 ⁢700W ⁣Micro Rework ​Soldering Station⁤ Kit.

Enjoy a close-up look of our ‍product. Detailed Images ​placed below: