70Pcs Eggs Incubator 110/220V Fully Automatic Egg Hatcher Machine with LED Turner for Chicken and Duck


110/220V 70Pcs Eggs Incubator Fully Automatic Egg Hatcher Machine LED Turner Chicken Duck
70Pcs Eggs Incubator 110/220V Fully Automatic Egg Hatcher Machine with LED Turner for Chicken and Duck $95.99

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Important Information:

1. Please note that only fertilized eggs are suitable for hatching in this incubator.
2. Regularly monitor the humidity levels and refill the water channels as necessary, typically every four days.
3. To ensure optimal hatching conditions, avoid opening the lid frequently once the chicks begin to hatch. You can add water using a kettle.

What’s in the Box?

– 1 x Egg Incubator
– 1 x Power Cord (Optional)
– 1 x DC 12V Cable With Clamp
– 1 x English User Manual
– 1 x Light
– 2 x Water Bottle
– 1 x Accessory set

Key Features:

– Large Capacity: This incubator can accommodate a significant number of eggs at once. For instance, it can hold up to 90 pigeon eggs, 70 chicken eggs, 50 duck eggs, or 26 goose eggs.
– Dual Power Supply: You have the flexibility to use either the DC 12V cable with clamp or plug-in power.
– Temperature & Humidity Display: The large screen simultaneously displays the temperature and humidity, allowing for timely adjustments.
– Automatic Egg Turning: The built-in egg turner and smart temperature controller ensure automatic hatching and heating.
– Automatic Alarm: The incubator will automatically alert you if the temperature or humidity falls outside the normal range.
– Two Constant Temperature Fans: These fans help maintain a stable overall temperature within the incubator.
– Sensitive Temperature Sensor: This feature allows for timely temperature adjustments and ensures accurate temperature settings.
– Versatile Use: This incubator is suitable for hatching chicken, duck, quail eggs, and other poultry and bird eggs. It’s perfect for use at home, in a lab, or for educational purposes.


– Plug Options: US Plug (110V), EU Plug (220V)
– Material: Plastic + High-density foam
– Egg Capacity: 70 Eggs
– Egg Turning: Automatic egg turning