70Pcs Mini DIY Electric Pen Kit for Engraving with Adjustable Speed, Suitable for Etching, Drilling, Polishing Jewelry, Diamond, Wood


70Pcs Mini DIY Electric Engraving Pen Kit Adjustable Speed Etching Drilling Polishing Pen For Jewelry Diamond Wood
70Pcs Mini DIY Electric Pen Kit for Engraving with Adjustable Speed, Suitable for Etching, Drilling, Polishing Jewelry, Diamond, Wood $25.99

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Introducing the Electric Engraving Tool Kit, a versatile and reliable tool for⁢ all your ⁣engraving needs. Available in sleek black or vibrant red, this⁢ tool operates on a voltage of 100-240V and comes with either ‌an EU or US plug.

The kit boasts a single speed of 20000 and ⁤a variable speed ranging from 3000 to 20000 RPM (Revolutions per Minute). This allows you to easily control‍ the engraving or drawing paths. Typically, a lower speed is recommended for metal and wood, while a ⁢faster speed is ideal for glass and ceramic.

The Electric Engraving Tool Kit is not just for engraving. It’s also perfect for drilling holes, grinding, graving,⁣ and cutting.​ The kit includes 6 different style polishing heads with a sanding⁣ ring,‌ and 8 unique stencils to cater‌ to all your ⁣needs, from fine lines to deep‍ grooves.

Designed with your ⁣comfort in mind, the ‍tool features a light and compact pen-like design for easy handling. The⁤ ergonomic grip provides extra comfort ⁣and steady control, allowing you to perform intricate work without putting excessive‍ stress ⁣on your wrist or​ hand.

The‌ Electric Engraving Tool Kit is durable and reliable, suitable for decorating or personalizing a wide variety of materials. It can be‍ used for etching, polishing wood, metal, ‍leather, glass, plastic, acrylic nail, pet manicure, ceramic, wood, leather, and even for engraving items for protection against theft.

The kit comes with multiple accessories to help you complete your engraving work. These include an Engraver Pen, Carbide Scribe, Diamond Bits, Polishing Tips, Sanding Band Sleeves, Stencils, and a ruler.

The package includes:
1 x Engraving Tool
1 x Engraver Pen
1 x Power Adapter
1‌ x User Manual
2x Spiral ​drill Heads
2x Connecting Rod
3 x Small Stainless Steel Saw Blades
3 x‌ Small Diamond Cutter Blade
6 x Polishing Tips
6 x Sanding Band
16x Stencils
30x Diamond Bits

Operating the tool is simple. It’s designed for carving, engraving, routing, grinding, sharpening, sanding, polishing, drilling, and‍ more. Always remember to ⁣unplug the tool when changing the accessory or collet, and never use a damaged bit. The tool ⁢has an ON/OFF switch and a speed control switch. When finished, turn ‌off the tool and unplug it.

Safety is paramount. Always unplug ‍the tool ‍when changing the accessory or collet. Do not engage the shaft lock button while the tool is running. Avoid ​using the machine near water or placing it in water. After‍ use, the bit⁤ and collet will be hot, so‍ do not touch ⁤them with bare hands. ‌Always ‌use protective ⁢eyewear or dust masks to keep dust out of your eyes and lungs. After using ​the machine, always unplug it. When not in use, store ​the tool in​ a dry place‌ and keep it out of reach of children.