800W Automatic Electric Pipe Welding Machine for PB PPR PE PP Tube with Heating Function


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800W Automatic Electric Heating Pipe Welding Tool Machine For PB PPR PE PP Tube
800W Automatic Electric Pipe Welding Machine for PB PPR PE PP Tube with Heating Function $47.99

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Introducing the Electric Welding ⁤Tool, a vibrant red device made from a sturdy aluminium alloy. This powerful tool operates at a rated power of 800W and ⁣comes with three different heads: 20mm,⁢ 25mm, and 32mm. It functions within a voltage range of AC 220V 50 ± 1hz‍ and maintains a heating‍ head temperature of ⁣260 ± 5 ℃. Safety is a priority with this tool, as it boasts an insulation resistance of‌ not less than 1MΩ and a ⁣leakage current of ≤5mA (AC rms).

This Electric Welding⁣ Tool is a​ versatile device, capable of welding plastic pipes such as PP / PPR / PB ⁢/⁣ PE / PP-C pipe and more. It’s designed for durability⁣ and long-term use. The non-slip handle ensures a comfortable grip, making it an ideal ⁢choice for pipeline construction equipment. The tool features a manganese steel panel for fast heat conduction and a thick gold paint⁤ touch head for quick hot melt heating.

Package Included
The package comes‍ with everything you need to get started:
1 x Pipe Welding Machine
3 x 20mm 25mm 32mm‌ Welding Heads
2⁤ x Fasten⁣ Screw
1 x Inner Hexagon Spanner
1⁤ x Support​ Shelf
1 x Iron Box

Setting up the Electric Welding Tool is simple. First,‍ install the heatsink​ on the fixed ‍welding device and‌ place the welding device on the rack. Install⁢ the appropriate heating die based on⁢ the pipe specifications and tighten it using the hexagon. Remember, the smaller end should be in the front.

Next, power on ⁤the device ‌(ensure the​ power source⁤ has‍ a ground protection line). The green indicator light will turn on. Once the green light turns off and the red light ​turns‍ on, the device has entered the automatic temperature control state and is ready for operation. Note: In ⁤this state, the red and‍ green lights will alternate, indicating that the ⁤device is in a controlled‌ state and ready for ​use.

Finally, cut the pipe straight with a pipe ⁣cutter. Insert ⁤the ⁤pipe and pipe simultaneously into the fuse die ⁣without rotating. Follow the table’s instructions to reach the heating ‌time. Once reached, remove the pipe ⁢and pipe from the die simultaneously and quickly insert them into the required depth without rotation. This will ensure the joints‌ open into a uniform flange.