8X Zoom Nature Observing Device with Recording and Playback Function: Popular Sound Amplifier


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8X Zoom Nature Observing Device with Recording and Playback Function: Popular Sound Amplifier $42.99

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Discover the captivating Sound Amplifier 8X Zoom Nature Observing Device, packed with recording and playback functionality.

Welcome to a world of discrete surveillance designed for individuals who desire to know more, to listen closer, to observe more clearly. Ever wanted to know what‌ your boss is discussing in the parking lot? Or what cryptic games your kids ​are whispering about at their hangouts?

The Sound Amplifier​ cuts across various ​spectrums of life: the adventurer ⁤on a meandering path, the curious individual at the racetrack, or the ⁣alert citizen keen on ​the neighbourhood whispers. Designed for outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, sports fans or‌ entertainment aficionados, ⁤this marvel of⁣ technology lets you in ⁢on the secrets of the natural world.

While opera fanatic or theater enthusiast can enjoy the performance from the back row with as ​much clarity as those in the premium front seats, nature‍ lovers and bird watchers will applaud the superb ‌sound quality this device provides. Listen to bird calls and ‌animal sounds in high-definition, immersing yourself completely in the‌ stimulating symphony of nature. Outdoorsmen and field observers can finally unravel Nature’s ‌mysteries. The usage possibilities are limitless!

Our unique ⁣gadget is ‌equipped with Bionic Ear technology, enabling you to hear faint whispers from a distance of‍ 20-30 Meters and unmistakable sounds stretching to a fantastic ⁢100 Meters. All ‍this while relishing the comfort and superior quality of the included stereo headphones. What’s more,‌ the built-in monocular allows you to view objects with 8X magnification, and the digital sound​ recorder documents those sounds‌ for​ you.

The Sound Amplifier even provides a fine frequency tuning knob to adjust the sound reception breadth, enabling ‌you to⁣ focus on specific sounds. Ideal for nature enthusiasts, law enforcement officers, or simply ​those seeking a bit ​of fun, the⁢ device is stored in our⁢ warehouse ⁢ready for‌ immediate shipping anywhere in the world.

Key Functions
Engage in bird and animal observation with 8X magnification. ‍
Experience sounds from over 300 feet away.
Record ⁢sounds digitally.
Play back your recorded sounds.

Maximum Sound⁤ Distance: 100 Meters
Built-in Monocular: 8X magnification
Digital Sound Recorder: 12 seconds‌ (new recording overwrites the last)
Headphone Jack: 3.5mm
Power Source: 1 x 9V Battery (Battery not included)
Dimensions: Sound Gun: 175 x 280 x 55 (LxWxD)
Sound Dish: ‍250mm round 60mm(D)
Stereo Headphone: Adjustable Length 160mm to 200mm
Easily replace the battery ⁤by removing the back cover, as illustrated.

Package includes
1 x Sound Amplifier Nature Observing Device
1 x User Manual in English
1 x Set of High-Quality Earphones

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