96-Slot Colored Pencil Organizer Rack – Art Supply Storage


This Colored Pencil Holder can hold up to 96 pieces of pencils or brushes
It organizes the art materials so users can easily see and select which one they need
The rack can be disassembled and reassembled in seconds without hassle
Material: Plastic / Length: 14.7cm
Width: 14.7cm / Height: 9.1cm
Package Contents:

1 x Colored Pencil Holder

Colored Pencil Holder 96-Slot Rack
96-Slot Colored Pencil Organizer Rack - Art Supply Storage $29.90

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Product Description:

Introducing the Colored Pencil Holder 96-Slot Rack, an essential tool for artists aiming for a hassle-free art-making experience! This rack provides an effective solution to the common problem experienced by professional and amateur sketch artists – spending ample time searching for a specific colored pencil in a disorganized pile. No more wasting time digging through a case of pencils; the Colored Pencil Holder 96-Slot Rack effortlessly organizes your pencils, enabling you to quickly find and select the color you need.

Key Features:

Pencil Organizer: This rack is a game-changer when it comes to organization. It features 96 slots, enough to hold a generous variety of colored pencils. The open design allows for easy identification and accessibility of each pencil, eliminating the need for tedious searching. This holder isn’t exclusively for pencils; you can also store paintbrushes and markers. Please note, the accessories displayed in the photographs aren’t included.

Simple Assembly: When convenience is in the picture, simple assembly and disassembly are a priority. Made up of six parts – top and bottom panels and four support columns, this rack’s assembly is straightforward and quick. Connect the parts to each other, and voila! You’ve got yourself a robust and reliable pencil storage solution.

Plastic Material: Made from plastic, this rack brings along the advantage of easy cleaning. Art creation can indeed leave stains and smudges on your holder with the pigmented art supplies. However, the smooth plastic surface offers you a hassle-free cleaning experience. Prepare to get messy with art without the worry of a difficult cleanup.