Abrasive Disc Sponge Foam Pad for Polishing Buffing, 6 Inch


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6 Inch Polishing Buffing Pad Abrasive Disc Sponge Foam Pad
Abrasive Disc Sponge Foam Pad for Polishing Buffing, 6 Inch $7.99$8.99

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Product Overview: This is a 6 ⁣Inch Polishing Buffing Pad ⁤Abrasive‌ Disc⁢ Sponge Foam Pad.

Product Specifications: This ‌Car Polishing ⁢Kit​ comes in a ‍variety of‌ vibrant colors including Red, Blue, ⁤Yellow,⁣ Orange, and Green. The material used is a‍ high-quality sponge. The‍ kit includes‌ a ⁢T80 Green⁣ Heavy-cut Pad,‌ T60 Yellow ⁣Medium-cut Pad, T40 Orange Light-cut Pad, T20 Blue​ Finishing Pad, and T10 Sealing Wax​ Pad. The inner diameter⁤ of the pad ​is‌ 128mm/5” and the outer diameter⁤ is 150mm/6”. The thickness of the ⁣pad is 25mm/0.9”. The​ hardness value from hard ‌to soft is​ Green>Orange>Yellow>Blue>Red. The package⁣ includes 1 piece of the product.

Key Features: This product is made of ⁣high-quality material, ensuring ⁤durability. It is ready to use ‌and can be ⁢polished individually. For⁢ a better polishing effect, it can ‍be used ⁢in conjunction with ⁣the polishing liquid (paste, powder) and the surface to be polished. ⁣The product features a high-quality hook & loop that firmly fits the backing plate without degumming. It has ⁤a bevel ​edge design to avoid‌ scratching your car due to improper handling. The middle hole design reduces the amount of ‌heat ‌generated by friction during⁢ work.

What’s in the Box: The package includes ​1 Polishing⁣ Pad.

More Details: Please⁢ refer to the images below for ‌more details about the product.