Achromatic Objective Lens in 4X Metal for Biological Microscope


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4X Metal Achromatic Objective Lens for Biological Microscope
Achromatic Objective Lens in 4X Metal for Biological Microscope $12.99

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Immerse yourself ⁣in the world of ⁣detailed exploration ‌with this meticulous⁤ Microscope Auxiliary Lens.

Fashioned with the Model Number: Objective Lens, this precision tool‍ redefines‌ scientific investigation. It’s crafted from high-quality ⁤metal, ensuring it withstands sustained ⁤use and maintains optimal function and clarity.

Its gripping 4x Magnification invites⁣ you to delve into the infinite microcosm that the naked eye can’t perceive. With a Conjugate Distance‍ of⁤ 185mm, the lens will⁢ allow you to carefully examine your subjects‌ in extraordinary detail.

It’s an ideal accessory for⁤ a Biological Microscope, enhancing⁣ your⁤ device’s capabilities for a ​comprehensive study of life’s building blocks.

Your package will include:

1 x Achromatic Objective Lens⁤ for crisp, distortion-free ​imaging.
1 x ⁢Box to securely store and transport your lens.

Here’s a closer look at​ your next exploration companion:


In the⁣ realm ‌of microscopic⁣ observation, every detail counts. Make ⁣no compromises; equip yourself with the ‍objective lens that magnifies your understanding and ⁣unveils worlds unseen.