Active Oxygen USB Air Purifier for Smoke Odor, Formaldehyde and Sterilization Removal


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USB Air Purifier Active Oxygen Removal Formaldehyde Smoke Odor Sterilization
Active Oxygen USB Air Purifier for Smoke Odor, Formaldehyde and Sterilization Removal $9.99

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Unleash the power of active oxygen with our USB Air Purifier. Utilizing negative high-pressure ionized air, this device creates beneficial negative oxygen ions. These activated oxygen molecules readily interact with your body, providing an invigorating and refreshing environment.

Bid farewell to air-conditioning related ailments. Our air purifier effectively decomposes bacteria, smoke, and dust to ensure your air remains clean and safe to breathe. It alleviates fatigue and is your guard against air conditioning diseases.

Boost your body’s metabolism with the USB Air Purifier. The negative oxygen ions generated by the device activate various enzymes in your body, leading to a healthier metabolic rate.

Additionally, bolster your body’s defenses naturally. With the super active negative oxygen ions, your body’s reactivity is transformed, initiating the function of the reticuloendothelial system to enhance immunity.

Experience an improvement in your heart function as the negative oxygen ions invigorate your body, improving your work efficiency, aiding better sleep, and offering significant analgesic effects.

Enjoy the sterilization capabilities of our air purifier. Negative ions easily attract bacteria, inducing structural changes and energy transfer which result in bacteria elimination and preventing the creation of new strains.

Last but not the least, shield yourself from static radiation. The negatively charged ions neutralize the positive charge of the display, significantly reducing electrostatic radiation.

Input Voltage: DC5V
Maximum Power: Body Size: 8.9×2.2 x2.2cm/3.5×0.9×0.9in

Package Contents:
1 x USB Air Purifier.

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