Adapter Parts for M10/M14 Hand Held Linear Polishing for 100 115 125 Angle Grinder


M10/M14 Hand Held Linear Polishing Adapter Parts for 100 115 125 Angle Grinder
Adapter Parts for M10/M14 Hand Held Linear Polishing for 100 115 125 Angle Grinder $58.42$62.42

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Description: ​Transform your angle grinder into a versatile polisher with our M10/M14 Hand Held Linear Polishing‌ Adapter Parts. Designed for 100 115 125 Angle Grinders, this kit is a must-have for any DIY enthusiast or professional.

Specifications:⁢ This Polishing Kit comes with‍ an adapter that is available in two sizes – M10 and M14. The cover ‌size​ is adjustable between 38-45mm. The kit⁢ is suitable for M10 – 100 type angle grinders and M14 – 115/125 type angle grinders. Depending on the type you choose, the kit includes a polishing cover, a polishing handle, a polishing adapter, and optionally,​ a grinding wheel.

Features: ​This kit allows you to convert your 100 * M10, ​115/125 * M14 Angle Grinder into a 120mm*100mm*19mm Drum Wheel Polisher. You can attach different polishing wheels for wood, metal, and stainless steel polishing and grinding. The kit includes a solid protective cover and a practical shaft for stable and safe operation. It also comes with a comfortable handle for convenient use.

Package Includes:
Type A: 1⁢ Pc⁤ x Polishing Cover, 1 Pc x Polishing Handle,‍ 1 Pc x Polishing Adapter
Type B: 1 Pc x Polishing Cover, 1 Pc⁣ x Polishing Handle, 1 Pc x Polishing Adapter, 1 Pc x Grinding Wheel
(Note: The Angle Grinder⁢ Machine is NOT INCLUDED !!!)

More Details: Please refer to⁤ the images below for a closer look at the product.