Adjustable 1200W DC Power Supply Module with Constant Voltage & Current


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Adjustable 1200W DC Power Supply Module with Constant Voltage & Current $18.99$23.69

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This product comes in two types, XY-6020L and XY-6020L base plate, offering different features based on your requirements.

XY-6020L comes with a voltage regulator, a base plate and two cables. The provided direct current voltage regulator offers a constant voltage and current design, with adjustable output voltage ranging from 0.0-60.00V, output current from 0.0-20.00A, and output power up to 1200W. Its large LCD screen displays a complete spectrum of data for straightforward operation and stable functioning.

The XY-6020L base plate allows you to set a fixed voltage output of 5/9/12/24/36/48/60V. It simplifies the control of multiple machines remotely through a TTL to 485 module or WIFI module providing an affordable solution. The base board can operate independently to realize communication control.


XY-6020L works as a voltage stabilizer, offering constant voltage and current. It has a large LCD screen for comprehensive data display and easy operation. The operating interface showcases power (W), capacity (Ah), energy (Wh), time (h) in sequence when in the downstream and switch into the input and output voltage display. A long press of the encoder button for 2 seconds locks the set voltage and current, preventing inadvertent operations.

The product also provides a storage function for 10 groups of data, supports the standard MODBUS protocol in serial communication, and provides multiple protections, including under voltage protection, overcurrent protection, over power protection, over capacity protection, and over temperature protection.

Base Plate: The base plate is constructed from solid material, adopting a common-mode inductor in input to lessen the impact from the input power supply’s wavenumber, thereby achieving a low wavenumber output.

The base plate features an intelligent temperature control design and a fan with a large area heat sink for superior heat dissipation. It allows you to set the output voltage by the dip switch and can function independently. The output current ranges from 0-20A.


Name: Direct Current Voltage Stabilizer
Material: Plastics+printed circuit board
Type: XY-6020L, XY-6020L base plate (optional)
Input voltage: 6.0-70V
Output voltage: 0.0-60V
Output current: 0-20.00A
Output ripple typical value: 100mv VPP
Output power: 0-1200W
Output current setting and measurement accuracy: ±0.5% + 3 words
Cooling fan on: current>2A, power>50W, temperature>50℃
Cooling fan on and then off: current <1.5A; power <45W, temperature <45℃

Conservation Mechanism

External temperature protection: 0-110 ℃ default off
Input overvoltage protection: 71V default
Input under-voltage protection: 4.8-71V adjustable, default 4.8V
Output over-voltage protection: 65V, default 65V
Output overcurrent protection: 0-22A, default 22A
Output over power protection: 1250W, default 1250W
Over temperature protection: 60-110℃, default 95℃
Timeout protection: 0-100H adjustable, default off
Over capacity protection: 0-9999AH adjustable, default off
Super energy protection: 0-9999WH adjustable, default off


XY-6020L: 79 43 27mm / 3.11 1.69 1.06in
XY-6020L base plate: 72 109 42mm / 2.83 4.29 1.65in
XY-6020L weight: 180g / 6.35ounce
XY-6020L base plate weight: 230g / 8.11ounce
Package size: 150 130 80mm / 5.91 5.12 3.15in
XY-6020L package weight: 190g / 6.70ounce
XY-6020L base plate package weight: 240g / 8.47ounce

Packing List

XY-6020L: 1 x Direct Current Voltage Stabilizer, 1 x Base Plate, 2 x Cable.
XY-6020L Base Plate: 1 x XY-6020L Base Plate.