Adjustable 60W Electric Soldering Iron Gun with 5 Tips, 110V


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110V 60W Adjustable Electric Temperature Soldering Iron Gun With 5pcs Tips
Adjustable 60W Electric Soldering Iron Gun with 5 Tips, 110V $14.99

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Product‌ Overview
With our 110V 60W⁣ Adjustable Temperature Soldering ​Iron Gun, you get a reliable tool featuring⁣ five unique tips. ​

Made from stainless steel and sporting​ an iron-plated ⁢tip, this soldering⁣ iron ‌gun promises ⁢high endurance and a long life. It relies on a first-class, long-lasting ceramic type heater.

Product Specifications
You ⁢enjoy adjustable temperature control with our soldering iron ‌gun, with a range ‍of ​200-450 ℃. Conveniently, the Electronic Soldering Gun comes⁢ with a knob wheel for⁤ easy temperature adjustment.
The length ​of the Soldering Iron ⁣is approximately 18.5cm / 7.28″, and ⁤the Cable Length is around 145cm / 57.09″.⁣ The working voltage is ⁣110V with a⁣ power level of 60W.

Guidance for Usage
Here​ are some steps to follow for efficient soldering:

  1. Clean the parts that need to be joined.
  2. Clean and “tin” all faces of the soldering iron tip with a coating of solder.
  3. Heat the parts (not ​the solder) that need to be joined.
  4. Apply flux-core​ solder ‌to⁢ heated parts, ⁢not the soldering tip, until the solder melts ‌and flows freely.

Safety Precautions
When the soldering iron gun is⁢ plugged in for the ‌first time, some smoke may arise from​ the tip end. Always ​use a soldering stand and other aids for safety, and avoid pulling‌ it directly‌ to prevent finger burns.

Package Contents
Your package will include:

  1. 110V 60W⁣ Temperature Adjustable Soldering Iron (220V ​60W version available ⁣-SKU115079)
  2. 5 x ‍Soldering Iron Tips
  3. 1 x Adaptor ‍(An adaptor according to your country will be provided)

If you require a Heating Element, you can find‌ it at SKU300414.

Please refer to the detailed‍ pictures for⁣ a‍ better understanding.