Adjustable Angle Wood Chisel Sharpener – Woodworking Tool with Clamping Jig & Inclined Edge Fixing Bracket


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Adjustable Angle Wood Chisel Sharpener - Woodworking Tool with Clamping Jig & Inclined Edge Fixing Bracket $23.99

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The‍ following description outlines the distinctive features⁤ of our ‌woodworking sharpener. This​ meticulous ‍device, designed ⁣specifically for grinding ‍tools, assists​ users in sharpening a ⁤variety of tools with‌ precision. ⁣The range⁣ encompasses inserts, chisels, and carving tools among others.

The salient feature of this fixed angle grinder⁣ lies ⁢in its adjustability according to differing‍ tool types and ⁢materials to produce the optimal grinding effect. This ​high-efficiency, ‌easy-to-operate gadget is an essential asset in machine manufacturing,​ metalwork, and woodworking industries.


Premium ⁢Material: Crafted from high strength aluminum ​alloy, the device is resilient, resistant to wear and tear ⁢and guarantees a long life‍ span.

Extended Roller Design: ‍The elongated roller design stabilizes the device and makes the⁢ process of‍ pushing back and forth smoother. ​It​ ensures the ‌grinding stone remains unworn and maintains accurate angles ⁣consistently.

Adjustable ⁤Sharpening Angle: ‌ The measuring scale design facilitates in adjusting the grinding angle by ‌modifying the ⁣length of the object being⁢ clamped. ⁢It enables⁣ the user to fix the ⁢grinding angle against the scale, obtaining a standardized grinding ‌angle for different applications with ease.

Adjustable ⁣Clamping: The hand screw nut can be modified to control the ⁣size of the opening⁤ and adjust clamping ranges accordingly; this enhances​ compatibility with a variety of tool types. The‌ trident clamping design prevents tool wobble, enabling a firm grip ​on⁤ accessories.

Easy Operation: The sharpening guide retains the tool at⁣ a fixed angle⁤ to the whetstone, ‌reducing the complexity of sharpening edges evenly, providing flat sustained sloping ‌edges and a cleaner⁤ cut.

Wide Applications: This ‍fixed-angle grinder⁤ accommodates ⁢varied uses in⁣ machinery manufacturing, ‌metalworking, and woodworking ⁤industries. It is compatible with planing ‍knives, chisel knives, shovel knives, artisan knives, cutting knives,⁣ and more.


Name: ​ Sharpening ‍Jig

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Color: Available in Red and Black

Item Size: 97 *​ 80 * 50mm / ⁤3.82 * 3.15 * 1.97in

Item Weight: 394g ‍/ 0.87lb

Package Size: 190‍ * 155 *​ 65mm / 7.48 * 6.10 * 2.56in

Package Weight: 490g /​ 1.08lb

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1 ⁢*⁣ Sharpening Jig