Adjustable DC 12V Linear Actuator Motor 900N for Tor Opener Actuator


DC 12V  Adjustable Linear actuator Actuator Tor Opener Linear Actuator Motor 900N
Adjustable DC 12V Linear Actuator Motor 900N for Tor Opener Actuator $81.99$87.99

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Product Name: Miniature Linear Actuator

Product Description: This compact linear actuator is a versatile tool used in various sectors such as industrial machinery, agricultural equipment, construction, cleaning vehicles, marine vessels, cargo handling, and many more. It serves as an excellent alternative to hydraulic and pneumatic systems, offering a more energy-efficient solution.

Material: Crafted from high-quality Aluminum alloy, it promises durability and longevity.

Load Capacity: It can handle a load of up to 900N/225Lbs, making it a robust and reliable choice for heavy-duty applications.

Speed: With a speed of 10mm/s and a rated speed of 3800RPM, it ensures quick and efficient operation.

Input Voltage: It operates on a 12V DC power source.

Stroke Length: It offers a generous stroke length of 500mm/20 inches.

Duty Cycle: It has a duty cycle of 10%, ensuring optimal performance.

Additional Features: It comes with built-in limit switches that are set at the factory and cannot be adjusted afterward.

Package Includes: The package contains 1 Linear Actuator Motor.

More Details: Please refer to the images below for a more detailed view of the product.