Adjustable Electric Heavy Duty Lifting DC 12V 2Inch 900N 10mm/s 50mm Linear Actuator Motor


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DC 12V 2Inch 900N 10mm/s 50mm Linear Actuator Motor Adjustable Electric Heavy Duty Lifting
Adjustable Electric Heavy Duty Lifting DC 12V 2Inch 900N 10mm/s 50mm Linear Actuator Motor $49.99

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Product Name: Miniature‍ Linear‍ Actuator

Item Description: This ​compact linear actuator is ⁣a⁣ versatile tool used ⁢in various fields such as industrial‍ machinery, agricultural equipment, construction, cleaning vehicles, marine ‌vessels, cargo handling, and many more. It’s an energy-efficient alternative to hydraulic and⁤ pneumatic systems.

Material: Aluminum alloy
Load capacity: 900N
Input Voltage: 12V DC
Speed: 10mm/s
Stroke Length: 50mm/2 inch
Working frequency: 20%

Technical Parameters:
Rated power: 20W, ‌maximum 30W.
The push‍ bar ‌includes a travel limit switch on each side. When the bar reaches⁢ its maximum​ or minimum extension, it automatically ⁤cuts‍ off ‍the power.
The motor does not idle. Once the power is cut off, it can stop ‍at any position, providing a self-locking function.
The push rod, driven by a DC motor with a screw drive,‍ can only retract without⁣ rotation.
The motor can operate in both ‌directions. By changing ⁣the ⁤polarity, you can alter the direction of the rod’s⁣ extension.
Ambient temperature range: -20°C ‌to +75°C.
Standard ⁣protection class: IP54.
Designed for low noise operation, ​with a noise level less than 42dB.
Please avoid disassembling the machine.

Product Features: ⁤Capable of driving other objects to push, pull, rise, or drop.

Product Applications: Ideal for‍ use in TV lift tables, massage⁢ beds, electric beds, medical chairs, electric equipment, micro-devices,‍ electric sofas, camera frames, cameras, and more.

Installation Size:
(1): The minimum mounting distance of ⁢the push rod ⁣(i.e., the length of the push rod itself) ‍is the center ⁣distance‍ between⁣ the two mounting holes when the push rod is fully retracted.
For strokes⁤ below 300mm, L (mounting dimensions) ‌= 105mm + S (stroke)
For strokes of 300mm and above, L (mounting‍ dimensions) = 155mm + S⁢ (stroke)
(2): The​ center distance between the two mounting​ holes when the push‍ rod is fully extended.
For strokes below 300mm, the distance = 105mm ⁢+ S (stroke)
For strokes of 300mm and above, the distance⁣ = ⁢155mm + S (stroke)

Notice: Before use, ensure the motor voltage is correct. If using a DC​ motor, also ensure the⁢ power supply current is ​sufficient. Avoid storing or operating in⁤ high temperature or humid ​environments, ⁣or‌ in the presence ‍of corrosive gases, as these‍ conditions can reduce motor efficiency. When ⁣soldering the motor’s positive and negative ⁤power supply terminals, the soldering iron temperature should be 340°C±40°C, with‍ a heating time within 3 seconds. Avoid deforming the plastic. ⁤When installing the motor, ensure the screws ⁢are not too long to avoid damaging the⁢ internal parts ⁢of the motor.

Please Note: Brackets and controllers are sold separately. Please browse our shop ⁢to ​find the suitable kit.

Package Included: 1×Linear ​Actuator Motor 50mm