Adjustable Electric Hot Air Machine, 2000W, 2-Speed, 50-550℃ Range


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2000W 2 Speed Electric Heat Air Hot Air Machine 50-550℃ Adjustable Hot Air Blower
Adjustable Electric Hot Air Machine, 2000W, 2-Speed, 50-550℃ Range $34.99

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Plug: AU type
Power: Robust 2000W
Operating temperature: Varies from 50-550℃

Are you seeking flexibility, power, and precision in a single hot air machine? Look no further than our uniquely designed heat machine. This tool doesn’t merely blow hot air; it produces a controlled jet of hot air to carefully soften the parts you need to join together.

This hot air/gas welding technique is widely used in manufacturing small items, making it not just versatile but valuable. Whether you need to melt materials, soften paint and plastic, remove stickers, bend plastic tubes, replace floor tiles, mobile phone repair, it’s up to the task.

This high-performing industrial tool is also all about giving you a custom experience. Featuring two adjustable wind speeds and an array of temperature modes, you can pick just the right settings to meet your needs. Our product is a trusted favourite in various fields, from electronics and electrical to mobile phone repair, car decoration, removing old paint layers, stripping old wallpapers, replacing tiles, bending PVC pipes for refrigerator defrosting, or shrinking heat shrink tubes.

Rest easy knowing temperature control is in your hands with an easy-to-use adjusting knob. Choose a temperature that best suits your project; the control is yours! Our hot air machine doesn’t just get the job done; it gets it done safely, reliably, and effectively.

The range of applications for this hot air machine is nearly limitless. From melting materials or softening paint and plastic to removing old paint, stripping stickers, bending plastic tubes, replacing tiles, shrinking packaging film, fixing mobile phones, decorating cars, defrosting refrigerators – the list of uses goes on and on. But no matter the task, remember to choose the right temperature and maintain a safe distance for optimal results without damaging other objects. With this tool at hand, you’re all set to achieve the most professional and satisfying results.

Package Contents:
1 x Hot air blower
4 x Nozzles