Adjustable Foam Cannon Bottle Snow Foam Lance by MATCC with 1/4Inch Quick Connector


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MATCC Adjustable Foam Cannon Bottle Snow Foam Lance with 1/4Inch Quick Connector
Adjustable Foam Cannon Bottle Snow Foam Lance by MATCC with 1/4Inch Quick Connector $22.67

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Product⁢ Name: Adjustable Snow ​Foam Lance

This high-quality Adjustable Snow Foam Lance comes with a 1/4″ quick ⁢disconnection fitting and⁣ has a capacity of 0.22 Gallon (1L). It requires a pressure washer with ‍2.0GPM and⁤ over⁢ 1000 PSI pressure for use.​ The required pressure is 70BAR – 1000PSI, with a maximum ⁤pressure of 200BAR – 3000PSI and a maximum flow of 5.3Gpm.

The Foam Blaster core of this product is made of‍ quality brass, ensuring durability and longevity. The main ‌body is​ solid brass and ⁣is heavy, providing stability during use. It ‍features two adjustments‌ that allow you to customize the‌ sprayer for any situation. The top dial adjusts the foam dispensing amount, and​ the nozzle adjusts the spray pattern from wide to narrow.

The Spray Nozzle offers five different​ spray angles to meet your needs in⁣ various situations, such‌ as watering flowers⁣ and plants, washing cars, and more. It can be attached to a ⁢quick-connect⁣ wand for faster ⁤application.‍ The variable, adjustable spray nozzle ensures accurate mixing and foam generation. ‍Turn the top knob‌ right or closed to ‍get the thickest mixture, adjust the nozzle to get a proper spray ⁢pattern,​ and let it loose.

This product ‍is versatile and can be used for multiple purposes including​ car and motorcycle washing, floor and window cleaning, driveways, roofs, ⁤and siding washing. It’s ideal for both enthusiast‌ and professional use. It can ‍be directly connected with the gun on ‍the ⁤pressure washer for convenience.

The⁣ package includes a 1L Foam Lance Washer and 5 Pressure⁣ Washer​ Nozzles.