Adjustable Temperature Electric Solder Iron Kit with Stand, 5 Tips – HILDA 220V 60W, EU Plug


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HILDA 220V 60W Electric Adjustable Temperature Solder Iron Stand Solder Wire Tool Kit EU Plug with 5Pcs Tips
Adjustable Temperature Electric Solder Iron Kit with Stand, 5 Tips - HILDA 220V 60W, EU Plug $14.99

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Experience⁢ the convenience of‍ professional-grade soldering​ with this one-of-a-kind tool. Exceptionally⁢ designed,​ allowing you to solder ⁢semiconductors without the need for a separate soldering station. It’s ready to use immediately, all you need to do is plug it in and get started!

With comfortable ⁢grip and non-slip handle,‍ it ensures ‍precision while you work. Built with high-quality, durable ceramic type heater, this iron ‍guarantees long-lasting performance.

The temperature of⁣ this soldering iron is fully adjustable, ranging ‍from 200 to 450°C, making it ‌perfect for various projects – hobbies, DIY ⁢kits, radios, laptops, computer, and electronics.

Constructed with an iron-plated tip and stainless steel, it promises a longer lifespan and consistent results.

Specification:Soldering Iron Length: 2.5in/6.5cm
Cable ‍Length: 57in/145cm
Plug type: EU plug
Working Voltage: 220V
Power: ​About​ 60W

Operating Instructions: Start ⁤by cleaning the parts to be joined.
Prepare your soldering iron tip by cleaning it and applying a⁣ coating of solder to⁢ all its faces.
Prevent overheating of the solder by heating the parts, not the solder, to be joined.
Apply‍ flux-core solder to heated parts, then ⁣touch the ⁤soldering tip‌ to the solder until it melts and flows freely.

What You’ll​ Get:1 x HILDA ‌220V 60W Electric Adjustable Temperature Soldering Iron
1 x Soldering Wire
1 x Y shaped ⁤Soldering Stand
5 x Solder⁢ Tips

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