Adjustable Temperature Soldering Iron Kit with Digital Multimeter by HANDSKIT


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Adjustable Temperature Soldering Iron Kit with Digital Multimeter by HANDSKIT $35.99

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Dive into the specifics of this handy set⁤ by HANDSKIT:

Voltage compatibility: AC220-240V or AC100-130V.
Ample power: 60W.
Frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz.
Temperature range: A wide range from 180~500℃/ 356~932℉.
Stable temperature: ±5℃ for precise work.
Sophisticated⁤ heating: Wmore ceramic element guaranteed for efficiency.
Soldering⁤ Iron tip: 900M-B1.2 ensures excellent solder coverage.
A reasonable cable length ⁢of: ‍1.4m.
Compact soldering iron size: 242 X 25 X 25mm.

The package comes bursting ⁤with additional items:

1 x Temperature-adjustable ⁣soldering iron
1 x Handy suction tin pump
1 x Convenient tin ‍wire⁤ tube
1 x Practical soldering iron stand
1 x Pair of quality tweezers
1 x Wire stripper for⁢ easy wire manipulation
1 x ​Battery for ⁢backup power
1 x Essential ⁤screwdriver
1 ‍x⁢ Durable⁢ PU handbag
1 x Multimeter for measuring electrical ⁢factors
2 x ‍Multimeter pens
2 x Electronic wires
5 x Spare soldering iron tips


After initially using a new soldering iron⁣ for the first time, a slight smoke will occur. This‍ is a normal occurrence due to the heating element drying ⁤out. The ‍smoky effect will naturally dissipate ‌after approx. 10 minutes.
During use, take care to settle the soldering iron‍ gently. To avoid damaging the iron, don’t tap it on the workbench to remove residual⁤ tin debris.
Be conscious that smoke ‍will billow during⁢ the welding process; ensure‌ sufficient ventilation.
To avoid‍ burning out the heating element, refrain from lengthy high-temperature operations. If ⁤necessary, utilize the supplied tweezers to ⁢clamp the pin,‍ aiding heat dispersion.
Post-use, ⁣remember to remove the⁤ soldering⁤ iron ‍tip and ‌clean off the oxide⁢ layer.

Friendly tip:

It’s crucial to coat the soldering ‍iron in tin both pre and​ post operations ‌to prevent oxidation. It’s important to avoid impurities during ​usage as the soldering iron tip can⁢ easily be damaged by knocking. You ‍can‌ lightly wipe⁤ it with a high-temperature sponge.