Adjustable Tubular Lock Pick Tools – 7 Pin Varieties Available


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7 Pins Adjustable Tubular Safe Box Lock Picks Tools 7.00mm 7.5mm 7.8mm for Optional
Adjustable Tubular Lock Pick Tools - 7 Pin Varieties Available $27.99

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Unlock a multitude of vending machines efficiently with these 7 mm/ 7.5 mm / 7.8 mm pin tubular picks. These useful tools are perfect for a range of machines including safety boxes, coin-operated washers & dryers, coin boxes, and even snack, candy, and soda machines. Turn the dial on one of your favorite jukeboxes with ease thanks to these pins.

Check out the amazing components of these handy tubular picks:
• Picking fingers crafted from tempered stainless steel.
• It contains a hardened spring steel key for positive engagement of keyway.
• Enhanced strength due to scalloped pin relief.
• The inclusion of a stainless steel decoder key ensures accurate settings.
• An adjustable friction collar allows the setting of light to complete friction lockup. This is especially favorable for setting picking needles to the included Decoder Key.

The picks are made from hardy stainless steel with a length of 120mm. They have a bare minimal weight of 116g and come in 7.0mm, 7.5mm, and 7.8mm types.

Package Includes
Here’s what your package would contain:
1 x Adjustable Tubular Safe Box Tool (Please note: only included one tool in the package)

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Remember, these images provide an accurate representation of what you’ll be receiving in your package. Enjoy the affordable comfort and versatility of these tubular picks!