AI-9 Multi-Language Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer, Six Motors, FTTH Splicing Machine


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AI-9 Multi-language SM&MM Automatic Six Motors Intelligent FTTH Fiber Optic Splicing Machine Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer
AI-9 Multi-Language Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer, Six Motors, FTTH Splicing Machine $1,239.61

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Discover the powerful capabilities ‌of the signalfire AI-9 Optical ⁤Fiber Fusion ‍Splicer. This tech‍ marvel exemplifies practicality‍ and performance,‌ enabling seamless integration and data transfer for ⁢all⁢ types of optical ‌fibers, including, SM, MM, DS, and NZDS. Its rapid splices ​take ‌just 5 ‍seconds ​and heating⁣ durations ‍are ⁢clocked at⁤ 15 seconds. The device boasts six motors Auto focus and ⁢a loss ‍of only 0.025dB(SM),‍ 0.01dB(MM), and ⁣0.04dB(DS/NZDS).

The user-friendly 5-inch ⁤TFT color display eases⁣ the interaction⁤ process. With its unique real-time control and calibration of fusion‌ ARC,​ the unit⁢ assists ⁢in maintaining a return ​loss better⁤ than 60DB. For your splicing ‍requirements, the unit supports⁤ both automatic splicing and​ step by​ step splicing.

Energy performance is optimized ​with ‍an Input AC100-240V 50/60HZ⁢ Output DC13.5V/4A power supply. For easy identification, the⁣ device comes with a built-in Optical Power ⁢Meter and VFL. Signalfire’s outstanding design principles have ⁣resulted in ‍certificates from CE, FCC, RHOS, ​and ISO.

Your package comes equipped with the Optical Fiber Fusion‍ Splicer machine ⁣itself, a quality Fiber‍ cleaver, ‍two⁢ spare⁢ electrodes, a pair of wire stripping pliers, a miller stripper, and two hex ⁢keys. Transporting your⁢ device is easy with the provided⁢ carrying case. For your‌ convenience, a fiber for ARC calibration,⁢ a strap, a power adapter, a‍ bottle, a brush, ⁣and a user manual​ are also included.


Dive into a ‌technologically ⁤advanced world with the ​signalfire‌ AI-9 Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer, designed for speed, accuracy, and ⁢versatility. Experience efficiency ‌like never before.