Alcohol Meter with Thermometer 3PC Set


The Alcohol Meter with Thermometer 3PC Set measures alcohol concentration levels accurately
The alcohol meters are easy to use and convenient to carry
It is useful for alcohol fermentation processes
Material: Glass/ Case Material: Wood
Measure Range: 0-100%/ Standard Using Temperature: 20°(68°)
Alcohol Meter Sizes: 205 cm; 210 cm; 215 cm/ Thermometer Length: 135 cm
Package contents: 3 x hydrometer; 1 x thermometer; 1 x wooden box; 1 x English User Manual

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Alcohol Meter with Thermometer 3PC Set
Alcohol Meter with Thermometer 3PC Set $29.66

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Alcohol Meter with Thermometer 3PC Set
Check alcohol levels quickly with the Alcohol Meter with Thermometer 3PC Set! It’s the all-in-one set that you can use on different occasions! Each set includes the following items: 3 x hydrometer, 1 x thermometer, 1 x wooden box, and 1 x English User Manual. The box that it comes in allows convenient carrying. You can also use it as storage for the alcohol meters after using. The box itself is 4.13 x 9.84 inch while the meters come in the following lengths: 205 cm, 210 cm, and 215 cm. It includes a thermometer too, which has a length of 135 cm.
How to Use
These alcohol meters are easy to use. Their primary function is to identify the alcohol content of drinks. You can use them to check the level of alcohol of your beverage first, such as beers, wines, and others. Some people like to ferment their drinks as they want to customize it according to their taste. If you enjoy doing that too, then you will find this alcohol meter set very useful. To use it, you must always clean the meter before using it. Otherwise, it could affect the results. You can do so by washing it with soap and wiping it dry. Then, dip its end while making sure only to hold the top part of it. It will then indicate the alcohol content of the beverage you’ve tested.
Measuring Specifications
The alcohol meter itself has a scale reading of 0 to 100 degrees. It is divided into three levels for easy browsing: the levels are 0  to 40, 40-70, and 70 -100 degrees. As mentioned, the set comes with a 0-50 degree thermometer too. This tool plays a vital role in making sure that you get nothing but accurate measurements only. Before using the alcohol meter itself, make sure to check the temperature of the beverage first. You should only do the testing if the temperature is at 20 degrees Celsius. It is the standard temperature use when testing alcohol concentration.