Alcoholtester Breathalyzer Breath Test


Easily detects alcohol with a single breath and displays readings within 5 seconds on an LCD screen
Compact in design and perfect for both professional and personal safety use
Equipped Sensor: Advanced Semi-Conductor Sensor
Power: 2x AAA batteries (Not Included)
Dimensions: L11.8cm x W7cm x H2.8cm/ Weight: 0.68kg

1 x Alcoholtester Breathalyzer Breath Test
4 x Mouth-pieces

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Alcoholtester Breathalyzer Breath Test
Alcoholtester Breathalyzer Breath Test $24.79

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Alcoholtester Breathalyzer Breath Test
Promote safety always whether you are a regular citizen or a professional law enforcer using this alcoholtester breathalyzer device. The device ensures that you can drive safely even after drinking a few beers. This compact device that you can bring anywhere will be able to give you quick and accurate readings. Basically, after drinking beer or alcohol, the substance is absorbed through the stomach. It travels the bloodstream and circulates the body. The serum also passes through your lungs, and you will expel alcohol-tainted breath when you breathe out. The alcoholtester then detects your breath and gives out an alert.
Drinking and Driving
Most countries and states prohibit driving after drinking because this can cause not only harm but also death. So, for your safety, you need to be sure that you can still drive safely even after drinking. The device can detect even just a little amount of alcohol in your system. This device will also give you a fast and reliable result. Very easy to use; all you need to do is turn on the device and breathe into it. The alcohol consumed then expels through your breath.
Professional and Personal Use
Law enforcement can use this device in detecting drunk drivers. It is tiny and compact, and it can just pass as a keychain. The invention features an innovative sensor that can produce results instantly. The machine then displays the reading on a backlit LCD screen. iT then gives you an accurate blood alcohol reading without needing your blood drawn. It then lets you decide whether driving after a few bottles is still okay or is against the law. These devices are small but innovative, and they provide quick readings and results. With this device, you can then promote safety for everyone and not only yourself.