ALD 46 In 1 Portable Electric Screwdriver with Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery, One-Button Precision, 3 LED Lamps, and Storage Box


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ALD 46 In 1 Portable Electric Screwdriver Li-Ion Battery Rechargable One-button Precise Screwdriver with 3 LED Lamps & Storage Box
ALD 46 In 1 Portable Electric Screwdriver with Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery, One-Button Precision, 3 LED Lamps, and Storage Box $49.99

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Immerse yourself in an exciting world of digital product assembly and disassembly with our versatile and high-quality ALD Precise Electric Screwdriver. Not only are our screwdrivers excellent for engaging in tech-based hobbies, but they are also sensationally adept at handling everyday household appliances with ease.

What sets our Electric Screwdrivers apart? Well, they come with an impressive variety of screwdriver heads, adding to their precision and adaptability. We proudly offer 46 standard screwdriver heads, all engineered from lightweight, superior-quality alloy material for an enhanced experience.

Worried about storage and portability? Fear not, as we provide a compact box that neatly accommodates your ALD Electric Screwdriver and all 46 screwdriver heads, making it extraordinarily portable and organized!

For us, your comfort and convenience are paramount. Therefore, our screwdriver is equipped with a one-button start feature that integrates all operations, including tightening and unscrewing, into a single button.

Are you a fan of working late into the night or in dimly lit environments? We’ve got you covered with our screwdriver’s 3 LED shadowless lamps, providing all-around lighting to ensure a clear and well-illuminated workspace.

Beneath the sleek Blue-Grey exterior of the ALD-A20 model lies a powerful lithium battery that can be conveniently recharged as needed. With its dimensions of 210*80*40(mm) and feather-like weight at 0.5Kg, this device is truly a blend of power and grace.

The Screwdriver comes with heads size of 4*30mm/45mm, and functions at a rated voltage of 3.7V, within a service voltage range of 1.5V~5.0V DC. It boasts a commendable motor speed of 32000/min(No Reducing Gear), 185/min(With Reduced Gear), and speed ratio of 175.

Worried about noise? This device operates with an electrical noise of less than 26db. Other details include a no-load current of 400mA (max), no-load speed of 185 rpm±10%, rated load current of 780mA (max), rated load speed of 160rpm±10%, locked-rotor current of 3900mA (max), locked-rotor torque of 2.7kg-cm (min), and rated torque of 0.15/3.0Nm. It meets the execution standard GB/T 4706.54-2008.

In each package, you will find: 1 Screwdriver, 46 Screwdriver Bits, 1 USB cable, 1 Degaussing Device, 1 Disassemble Blade, 1 Suction cup, and a convenient Storage box.