Aluminum Coffee Maker Pot – Durable Kettle for Fresh Brew


Create delicious coffee using this coffee maker pot, a high heat-resistant material perfect for brewing
This is simple and easy to use and has a V-shaped spout to precisely and carefully pour your coffee
It has a nice design that is perfect as a gift, it is also durable and can be used on an open flame
Material: Aluminum
Capacity Variants:

150mL: 150 x 80mm (3 cups)
300mL: 195 x 97mm (6 cups)

Package Content:

1 x Coffee Maker Pot Aluminum Kettle

Coffee Maker Pot Aluminum Kettle
Aluminum Coffee Maker Pot - Durable Kettle for Fresh Brew $34.78$36.03

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Product Description:

Aluminum Coffee Maker Pot and Kettle

Not everyone can start their day bright and early with a head full of motivation. Many rely on that first cup of coffee to awaken their senses and inject a bolt of energy into their mornings. Coffee often forms an invaluable part of a person’s daily routine, providing relief from sleepiness or restlessness. Brew your favorite coffee easily and efficiently with our Coffee Maker Pot, a must-have for every coffee lover. Unlike brewing methods that are more complex, this pot simplifies the process for a hassle-free coffee preparation.

Product Features:

Easy to Use Design:
Not your average kettle, this unique pot comes with two sections. The bottom section is meant for adding water and coffee granules or powder. Simply heat the kettle pot on a stove, alcohol lamp or electric furnace – it works wonderfully on all three due to its superior build. As the pot heats, the coffee from the bottom part travels up to the upper part of the pot, where it’s ready to be poured straight into your cup.

High-Temperature Resistance:
Constructed with aluminum metal, our coffee maker pot withstands high heat without incurring any damage – a testament to its durability. The pot’s precise spout aids in a clean pour that avoids any spills or splashes, ensuring every drop of your coffee effortlessly makes its way into your cup.