Amoon 16-String Lyre Harp, Solid Wood Instrument


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Amoon 16-String Lyre Harp, Solid Wood Instrument $68.99

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This product is a standard 16-string Lyre Harp. The notes achievable on this instrument range from G3 to A5, providing a wide array of songs that can be played. This makes it an excellent choice for those starting their musical journey.

The instrument has been carefully crafted from a singular piece of high-quality, high-density wood. This design choice results in a clear, rich, and warm sound that is perfectly attuned to relax one’s body and mind.

Thoughtful features, such as the inscribed phonetic symbols, facilitate smoother playing experience. It encourages novices by allowing them to create beautiful music simply by plucking the strings.

Our Lyre Harp comes with an array of added accessories: a tuning hammer for adjusting the string tension and a set of extra strings, providing all the necessary elements you need for maintenance.

Besides being a superb musical instrument, the Lyre Harp showcases exquisite craftsmanship. It features an aesthetically pleasing elk pattern, human-friendly rounded corners, a practical size, and a light weight, making it both an ideal gift and a portable music companion.


Material: Wood

Product Size: 39.5 * 25 * 3cm/ 15.5 * 9.8 * 1.1inch

Product Weight: 653g/ 23.03oz

Package Size: 44 * 38 * 6.5cm/ 17.3 * 14.9 * 2.5inch

Package Weight: 1190g/ 2.7lbs

Note: The colors of the included picks and cleaning cloth are chosen at random. It is recommended to adjust the harp tuning in small increments.

Packing List

1 * Lyre Harp

1 * Tuning Hammer

2 * Picks

1 * Extra Set of Strings

1 * Cleaning Cloth