ANGUS CT60M Smart Home Alarm Security System – 433Mhz Wireless PIR Motion Sensor with Infrared Alarm Detector, Pet-Immune


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ANGUS CT60M 433Mhz Wireless Infrared Alarm Detector PIR Motion Sensor Pet Immune Smart Home Alarm Security System
ANGUS CT60M Smart Home Alarm Security System - 433Mhz Wireless PIR Motion Sensor with Infrared Alarm Detector, Pet-Immune $13.99

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Product Description:

The primary function of this device is indoor infrared detection utilizing intelligent volume recognition technology. By doing so, it effectively mitigates pet interference and false alarms. The unit pairs with the 433MHZ signal from the alarm host which, upon detecting an intruder, transmits a wireless signal back to the host. In turn, the host acknowledges the alarm information. This system requires no wiring and is simple to install. Suitable locations for installation include halls, windows, garages, shops, shopping malls, banks, companies, financial institutions, schools, etc.

Key Features:

  1. Utilizes dual infrared with intelligent volume recognition as well as mirror-type artificial intelligence quadruple technology.
  2. Features intelligent identification technology, 9UA standby, and an impressive battery life of up to 2 years before requiring a battery replacement.
  3. Equipped with double lens and double temperature compensation technology.
  4. Mirror detection technology eradicates the common issue of detectors not alarming when there is slow or creeping movement.
  5. Benefits from a Fresnel optical lens to effectively prevent false alarms and omissions.
  6. Detection range of the device is up to 12m at 25℃.
  7. Boasts a 110-degree detection angle.
  8. Resistant to white light intensity of up to 10000Lux.
  9. Proven to be pet-proof up to 25KG for hassle-free operation.


  • The wireless transmission range is up to 200 meters.
  • Works on a 3V voltage (powered by 2 AA alkaline batteries, widely available).
  • Standby current is less than 9μA; alarm current is less than 10mA.
  • Uses the 433.92MHZ (1527) wireless frequency.
  • Features an alarm indicator that stays lit for 3 seconds.
  • Built for indoor use.
  • Equipped with a normally closed anti-dismantling switch.
  • Uses wireless transmission mode with alarm output options for an alarm report, anti-dismantling report.
  • Can be installed via hanging (with adjustable direction)
  • Weighs only 90 grams and measures 105 x 55 x 43mm.
  • The product’s packaging size is also 105 x 55 x 43mm.

Package Includes:

  • A 433MHz Wireless Animal Immune Detector (plug does not include battery)
  • A mounting bracket
  • A screw bag
  • A user manual