Anti-Theft Genuine Leather Backpack


Discover security and style fused into one with our Leather Anti-Theft Backpack. Featuring a detachable shoulder strap for versatile carrying options, this backpack is designed with your safety and convenience in mind. It boasts an anti-theft design paired with ample storage space, allowing you to carry everything you need securely. Perfect for various occasions, it is available in black, brown, blue, and grey. Fashion meets functionality in this sleek backpack, supporting up to 20-35 liters of weight comfortably.
Dimensions: 31X30X15 cm.

Leather Anti-theft Backpack
Anti-Theft Genuine Leather Backpack $34.46

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Product Overview

The ‌Leather Anti-Theft Backpack combines ⁤functional security features with stylish design in one compact accessory. Constructed with ⁢high-quality PU‍ leather, the backpack is water-resistant, easy to care‍ for, and durable against daily wear. The‍ unique anti-theft⁣ design featuring concealed zippers ensures the safety of your possessions.

In-Built Protection And Comfort

The construction of this backpack⁤ is designed for your ease and security.‌ The comfortable back support can manage a load up to 35 liters, reducing strain even ‍when fully ⁤loaded. It includes a removable shoulder strap for easy conversion between a backpack and a shoulder bag, and ergonomically designed shoulder ⁣straps for added support. The anti-theft function is⁢ improved through hidden zippers, creating an added difficulty for​ potential thieves. For your convenience, the pack features an external pocket for quick item retrieval,‌ while the interior has numerous compartments for safely storing your‌ cell phone⁣ and other⁤ valuable belongings. The size ‌of the bag is adaptable for carrying an ‍A4 magazine or an iPad.

Combination of Safety and Style

The Leather Anti-Theft Backpack is a versatile accessory, fit for various occasions, from gym​ to office to social events. It is available in multiple color options: black, brown, blue, and grey, making it an elegant gift choice. Enhancing ⁢its stylish appeal ⁣is a chic hairball decoration. ⁤Concludingly, this backpack perfectly unites security and fashion, becoming an essential accessory for those leading​ an active lifestyle.