Aquarium Fish Breeding Box Accessory


The Fish Breeding Box Aquarium Accessory is easy-to-mount and space-efficient
It is a two-layer isolation box that separates the juveniles from the adult fishes
It has a transparent design to allow easy monitoring
Material: Acrylic
Size: approx. 13 x 8 x 7cm
Package Contents:

 1 Set Fish Breeding Box

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Fish Breeding Box Aquarium Accessory
Aquarium Fish Breeding Box Accessory $21.90

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Fish Breeding Box Aquarium Accessory

Increase your collection of aquatic life with this Fish Breeding Box Aquarium Accessory. This accessory is ideal for breeding small fish species including guppies, bettas, and more. It’s an excellent tool for beginners in the fish breeding domain as it offers an economical and efficacious way to add to your pool of pet fish. Fish breeding allows you to preserve and promote certain colors or types of fish, making it especially handy for business purposes. Nonetheless, it does present one major challenge.

What is it for?

Fish breeders often face the issue of a low survival rate amongst juvenile fish. This is primarily caused by adult fish, including the parents, devouring the fry. Consequently, only a handful of fish manage to grow into adulthood. To address this problem, our breeding box acts as a unique isolation chamber. By housing your chosen male and female fish in this box, it safeguards your female fish from unwanted breeding partners, and gives you better control over the progression of your young fish.

Transparent Design

What separates this box into two compartments is a plastic divider with holes. The upper compartment holds the parent fish, and post-birth, the juveniles can migrate to the safety of the lower compartment through these holes. This ensures their protection from the adult fish. Furthermore, the breeding box has a transparent design for easy monitoring and comes with suction cups for secure placement to the side of the aquarium. Its design also permits water circulation, making it beneficial for the fish and space efficient in your tank.