Audible Alarm with Sensor Indoor Outdoor Wireless Digital Freezer Thermometer


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Wireless Digital Freezer Thermometer Indoor Outdoor Audible Alarm With Sensor
Audible Alarm with Sensor Indoor Outdoor Wireless Digital Freezer Thermometer $17.99

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Through this feature-rich product, monitoring temperature becomes a breeze. Boasting an easy-to-read LCD screen, this device keeps you constantly updated about indoor and outdoor temperatures. What’s ​more, the device is equipped with indicators of temperature trends, and daily ​high and low temperatures.

Standing upright, the display makes it ideally suited for ​tabletop use, as well as wall-mounting. ⁣Noteworthy is its ability to include ⁢24-hour high and low records for temperature. It also keeps track of minimum ⁢and maximum temperatures, which can be reset ‍manually.

This‌ product operates on a 433 ‌Mhz transmission frequency with a speedy update​ rate of every 10 seconds. Impressive is the transmission range of up to 328 ft, though the actual range⁤ may vary depending on the interference present.‍ The indoor temperature range is from 0℃~50℃ ‌(32 ℉ ~ 122℉), while the outdoor temperature ‌range it can clock is from -40℃~60℃ (-40 ℉ ~ 140℉). ‍The power supply ​for the device is through AAA Batteries (not included).

While using the product, make sure the ⁢battery is⁢ not installed in reverse. Also, avoid placing the receiver near metal⁤ and keep the transmitter away‌ from ⁤direct rain for optimal performance. For better outputs, use high-quality batteries for both the main ⁣unit and the transmitter. ‌This product even has a sensor search mode for re-syncing sensors without having to remove and re-insert​ batteries.

The ‍thermometer’s digital display can be conveniently magnet-mounted on a fridge, or you can make use of the integrated keyhole⁤ for wall mounting. The wireless thermometer sensors come with ‍spring-loaded clips having a plastic grip for secure attachment to a⁢ shelf-edge.

Package Contents:
1 x Main Unit
1 x Sensor
1 x User Manual

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