Automatic Rebar Tier Handheld Tool 12V 8-34mm Building Tying Strapping Machine with Lithium Battery


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12V 8-34mm Automatic Rebar Tier Handheld Tool Building Tying Strapping Machine w/ Lithium Battery
Automatic Rebar Tier Handheld Tool 12V 8-34mm Building Tying Strapping Machine with Lithium Battery $185.99

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Product ‌Specifications:
This product comes in a vibrant orange color and is made ⁢from a combination‍ of plastic and metal.‌ It operates on a 12V voltage and is powered by a 12V Lithium Ion Battery. ‌The battery has‍ a capacity of 1500 mAh⁢ and can be fully charged in just 1.5 hours.‍ The machine ​uses a 0.8mm diameter tying wire that⁢ extends up​ to 110m or 360ft. It can make ‌up⁢ to 1000 knots in just 0.8 seconds. The machine is ⁢suitable for ⁣steel strapping ranging from 8mm to ⁣34mm. The dimensions of the machine are 270 x 65 x 195 mm or 10.63 x 2.56 ​x 7.68 inches. The‌ adapter input is 100-240V 50/60Hz and comes with a US plug. However, we will⁣ provide a suitable adapter⁤ based on your location.

Product Features:
This rebar tier is compact, lightweight, and easy to handle. It is a ‍handheld machine designed to ‌pack ⁢rebars quickly and efficiently. It is a safe​ and reliable miniature motor tool. It is widely used in the building market, including civil​ building, floor pipe, heating floor mesh, and steel bar. ⁢The machine has a ⁣reasonable structure, advanced ‍craft, and is​ simple​ and ‌convenient‌ to operate. It offers high efficiency and is easy to maintain.

Tying Wire Installation:
The tying wire can be easily installed by opening the wire plate,‍ removing the ⁣tying wire, tearing ⁢the packaging film, ⁣and loading the wire into⁣ the binding machine​ in a clockwise direction. The wire head is then inserted into the guide tap‍ tube. The plate is⁤ then covered and the locking piece⁣ is fastened. The wire is then sent out‌ by pressing and holding the switch. The wire plate can be ‍removed⁢ by⁣ pressing and holding⁢ the locking ‌piece, opening the wire plate cover plate, and pulling ​out the wire tray to the side.

Operating Instructions:
The ‌rebar tier’s jaws are stuck to the intersection of the steel bars ⁤at ⁣a 45-degree angle. The start switch is then ⁢pressed and⁢ the machine carries ‍out the work. The machine is then ​pulled back from the steel bar intersection after automatic completion, completing ⁤the process⁣ and preparing ⁤for the next binding.

Operating Skills:
The⁣ machine should be tilted 45 degrees to the left after banding, and then⁤ tilted 45 degrees to the right for‌ the next banding. This alternating banding process should be followed. When the machine is about to tighten, it will shake slightly. At this⁢ point, the hand holding the machine should ‍not be too tight ⁣and can be relaxed ‍properly.

The machine should be cleaned regularly and the wire mouth should ⁤be ⁢kept ​clean. ‌The product should be⁤ placed carefully to‌ avoid damage to‍ parts. The batteries should​ not be⁤ placed together with ⁢other metal objects to avoid short circuit. The‌ machine should not ⁢be disassembled by non-professionals to avoid damage. If you encounter an unresolved failure, please give it​ to a professional for repair.

Package Includes:
The package ‍includes 1 Rebar Tier, 1 Pliers, 1 Adapter, 1⁤ Tying Wire, 1 Storage Box, 1 User Manual, and 2 Lithium Ion Batteries.