Beef Tenderizer 56-Blade Kitchen Tool


This Beef Tenderizer pokes holes into the meat so it can cook faster
It is convenient and safe to use as it only requires a press on top of it
The blades retract back into its case when not in use so accidents can be avoided

Material: Stainless Steel Blade, Plastic ABS
Weight: 216g / Size: 110 x 80 mm
Package Contents:

1 x Beef Tenderizer

100 in stock

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Beef Tenderizer 56-Blade Kitchen Tool
Say goodbye to tough and chewy meats with this Beef Tenderizer 56-Blade Kitchen Tool! It is suitable for meats such as beef, pork, chicken and more! While you can use this tool for all meats, it is most suitable for beef and other tough meat variants. The problem with beef is that it needs a lot of time to cook otherwise, it will be very chewy. That would take away the pleasure of eating as you and your guests would focus more on chewing than actually tasting the flavors. The solution to that is to use a beef tenderizer before you start cooking the beef.
Safe and Convenient to Use
The main purpose of this tool is to prick tiny holes into the beef while it is still raw. This way, when cooking it, it can cook faster and will be more tender. The flavors can also seep better into the meat through those holes. This is the reason why this kitchen tool has 56 blades on it. But there’s no need to let that intimidate you because this beef tenderizer is very safe to use. You simply have to position the tool with the blades facing down. Then, push it down hard so the blades can puncture the meat.
Stainless Steel
The advantage of having 56 blades is that it is time-efficient since you can cover a wide area of beef with just one press. The top of the tool is flat and therefore, comfortable to press on. It is also of stainless steel material that is safe for food and is non-toxic. As soon as you release your press on it, the blades will shrink back inside the container so it does expose the blades when not in use. It even comes with a removable cover to protect the blades even more. Finally, it is rustproof and durable.

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