Big Pencil Case Detachable Pen Bag


Has a detachable pencil case inside so you can easily remove it anytime
With transparent cover making it easy to see the things inside it
You can carry it like a bag since it has a handle for convenience
With many slots and storage pockets for more options
Dimensions: 11 x 7 x 22cm
Package content: 1 x Big Pencil Case Detachable Pen Bag

Big Pencil Case Detachable Pen Bag
Big Pencil Case Detachable Pen Bag $29.68

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Big Pencil Case Detachable Pen Bag
Use this big pencil case to bring all your writing needs at school or work. It’s convenient to use since it is big and has a detachable case inside. At school, we sometimes need a lot of writing materials to bring. There are ballpoint pens and sign pens for taking down notes in your notebook. Moreover, students also need to have drawing materials like pencils, markers, and coloring pencils. Besides, an art activity needs to have some colors on it to make it look alive. Plus, you need to have a ruler, eraser, paper clips, and a lot more to bring to school. To accommodate all of these, this case is just perfect to have.
Detachable Pencil Case
For more convenience in using, this big pencil case has a detachable pouch inside. It has a velcro strip to attach it on the bag. And you can remove it anytime with ease if you only need the things inside it. Moreover, the transparent material of the pencil case makes it easy for you to see what’s inside. No need to open the pouch first to check the item you want, you can easily see it through its clear cover. It also has a zippered closure to secure the things you have inside it.
Cute and Functional Pen Bag
Another cool feature of this big pencil case is its bag. Yes, its body has a handle so you can carry it with ease. Likewise, the body has 5 pockets on one side and 1 large zippered and a transparent pocket on the other. With this, you can have more room to store all the things that you need. And to properly secure the detachable pencil case, it has a button to hold it. Moreover, it’s made with a waterproof material so you need not worry about getting it wet.