Black Grinding Discs Set for Rust and Paint Removal


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6mm Shank Black Grinding Discs 50/75/100mm Rust Removal Paint Peeling Sanding Wheel
Black Grinding Discs Set for Rust and Paint Removal $7.99$9.99

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Introducing the 6mm‌ Shank Black Diamond Rust Removal Grinding ⁣Discs Paint Peeling Sanding Wheels.

Material: Crafted from durable Metal and Nylon
Grit: ‍36#
Shank Diameter: 6mm
Diameter Options: 50mm/75mm/100mm

– Efficiently removes general coating⁤ and polishes⁢ the surface.
– Offers controlled cutting, ensuring the grinding surface is not damaged.
– Rust-resistant, does‍ not fall off, produces⁤ minimal grinding sound, and less dust.
– Versatile use on low carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, cement, plastic, wood, and⁤ stone surfaces.
– Ensures safety, uniform grinding force, consistent processing results,⁤ excellent abrasion resistance, water resistance,​ and good flexibility.
– Anti-clogging, suitable for workpieces of ‌all shapes.
– Ideal for ​use in the automotive repair ⁢industry,⁣ construction⁤ industry, chemical industry light industry, ship manufacturing & repairing industry, machinery manufacturing, furniture manufacturing,‍ decoration industry, municipal engineering, and bicycle repair industry.

Package Includes:⁢ 1pc x Grinding Wheel

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