Breeding Box Fish Pet Supplies


This Breeding Box protects the juvenile fishes by separating them from the adults
Made of transparent material that makes it easy to monitor the pet fishes inside
It is easy to install, leaves no permanent marks and it is durable too
Weight: 0.5kg / Volume: 1L
Material: Plastic
Size Variants:

10 x 10 x 10 cm S (Suction Type)
10 x 10 x 10 cm H (Hanging Type)
20 x 10 x 10cm S (Suction Type)
20 x 10 x 10cm H (Hanging Type)
15 x 15 x 15cm H (Hanging Type)
30 x 15 x 15cm H (Hanging Type)
40 x 20 x 20cm S (Suction Type)

Package Contents:

1 x Breeding Box

Breeding Box Fish Pet Supplies
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Breeding Box Fish Pet Supplies
Multiply your pet fishes at home with this Breeding Box Fish Pet Supplies! There are many sizes to choose from to suit different breeds of fish! Just like other pets, you can expect fishes to breed and multiply as well. But since their babies are so small, you can’t handle them right away because they are so fragile. What you can do instead is provide a breeding box for them. The purpose of this box is to separate the adult mother fish from its babies. That way, it won’t mistake it for food and end up eating it.
Easy Installation
This breeding box has tiny holes on it that allow the baby fishes to pass through it easily. It does that while still safely keeping the adult fish inside to protect the babies. Another good thing about this box is that it is easy to install. There are two ways in which you can install it depending on the variant you choose. For a suction type variant, choose the variant with “S”. If you prefer a hanging type breeding box, choose the one with “H”. This is great since you won’t permanently need a breeding box for your tank anyway.
Transparent Design
One of its main features is its transparent design. Made of acrylic material, it is lightweight but durable at the same time. Thanks to its transparent exterior, you can see and monitor the fishes inside it conveniently. It also won’t affect the aesthetic of your fish tank as it will simply blend in with it. What’s more, is that it has separate compartments so you can place more than just one adult fish on it. Finally, it has a feeding hole on top so you don’t need to open it every time you need to feed the fishes.