Car Front Seat Organizer and Storage Holder


Give your car additional storage space to put your stuff to by adding this front seat car organizer
This organizer for your front seat is easy to install by simply inserting it on the side of your seat
Good storage space, a charging hole, It can hold your cup as well, and a shockproof leather material
Material Type: ABS plastic / PU
Size: 26 x 16 x 5.5cm
Package Content per Bundle:

Bundle 1:

1 x Front Seat Car Organizer Storage Holder

Bundle 2:

2 x Front Seat Car Organizer Storage Holder

Front Seat Car Organizer Storage Holder
Car Front Seat Organizer and Storage Holder $29.69$39.59

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Front‌ Seat ⁣Car Organizer Storage ⁤Holder

This front seat car organizer‍ serves as an efficient solution for storing and sorting items in a car. It’s particularly useful for⁣ drivers who desire convenient storage space⁢ close ‍to them. Most cars have limited storage between the driver and front ⁢passenger seats, which oftentimes is insufficient and is shared with the passenger. But, with ‌this car organizer, one can effortlessly add extra storage to the car, allowing for more items to be within easy​ reach⁢ while driving.

Installation Process

This car organizer is simple ‌to install and does not require costly modifications to the car. It can ‍be inserted at the side of‍ the seat without any difficulty, providing ⁤extra space for the storage‌ of various items. It incorporates a cup holder and a semi-compartment ‌slot where a wallet⁢ or phone could be conveniently placed​ for quick and easy accessibility.

Appropriate Size

This car organizer is designed in an ideal ‌size that can accommodate a variety of items while ‍not overlapping with or touching the car seat. It further features ⁤a charging port where a phone charging cable can be inserted. This allows​ for the ​possibility ‍of charging a phone while keeping the car neatly organized.

In ⁣summary, this front seat car organizer delivers convenient storage solutions by creating room for an array of items without‍ obstructing the driver in any way. It is easy to install, space-efficient, and comes with the added ​advantage of a built-in charging port.