Carpentry Safety Table: Hand Protection with Woodworking Push Stick


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T1 Woodworking Safety Hand Protection Sawdust Push Stick For Carpentry Table Working
Carpentry Safety Table: Hand Protection with Woodworking Push Stick $9.99

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Introducing the T1 ⁣Woodworking Safety ⁢Hand Protection Sawdust ​Push Stick, a must-have tool for ⁤any carpentry enthusiast or professional. This tool is specifically ⁣designed to fit seamlessly into your ‍table working blade router woodworking hand tools.

The T1 model is a Table Saw Push Stick, crafted from ​durable ‍ABS ​material. Its vibrant yellow color not only adds a⁢ touch of brightness ​to⁢ your tool collection⁣ but also​ enhances visibility during use.‌ The push stick measures 280mm in length and 32mm⁣ in ​width, making it a ​compact yet effective tool for ​your woodworking needs.

This push stick is not just about its sturdy construction.⁣ It’s designed to provide ⁣additional control‌ when working with narrow pieces, thanks to its practical design. The ergonomic handle ensures ​a comfortable and steady grip, making the cutting process smoother and more efficient.

But that’s not all. The T1 push stick also⁤ guides the wood while sawing and cutting, making it safe​ and‌ convenient⁤ to run stock on your ⁢router table, shaper, table saw, or jointer. It’s designed to keep your hands and fingers safe, preventing kickbacks and ensuring the safety of both professional‌ and hobby woodworkers.

The ⁤package includes 1 x Push Stick.

For a closer look at the T1 Woodworking Safety ⁣Hand Protection Sawdust Push Stick, check out the images below: