Ceramic Tea Caddy, 350ml Storage Pot for Tea Leaves


This Tea Caddy Ceramic Pot has a large capacity that can fit plenty of tea at a time
It effectively seals in the taste and aroma of the tea to preserve them
Has an easy-to-lift lid with a non-woven fabric bottom to prevent air
Material: Ceramic, Non-Woven Fabric
Diameter: 10.8cm/ Height: 9cm
Capacity: 350ml
Package Contents:

1 x Tea Caddy Ceramic Pot

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Tea Caddy Ceramic 350ml Pot
Ceramic Tea Caddy, 350ml Storage Pot for Tea Leaves $27.50

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Tea Caddy Ceramic 350mL Pot

Experience the convenience of storing your tea in this Tea Caddy Ceramic Pot, designed with a substantial capacity capable of containing numerous tea sachets. The nature of a tea caddy acts as a storage solution, ranging from boxes and cans to this distinct pot shape, which allows you to keep your tea fresh by protecting it from air exposure. Since tea predominantly consists of dried herbs, prolonged exposure to air could minimize its flavour and fragrance, effectively purging your tea of its zest.

Excellent Storage Solution

One of the standout features of this caddy includes the accompanying lid, designed to efficiently fend off external air while being easily removable when needed. The lid features a convenient ring at the top for effortless lifting, even with one hand. Furthermore, the lid’s underside is fitted with a non-woven fabric that aids in preserving the tea’s scent. Contrary to common belief, lid-covered containers may not completely prevent seeping air through gaps, which makes this particular caddy’s non-woven fabric addition significantly beneficial.

High-Quality Ceramic Design

A particular highlight of this tea caddy is its construction from premium quality ceramic material. It showcases a tastefully simplistic design, complemented by an assortment of variations to choose from. The exterior is elegantly adorned with traditional designs, providing this caddy with the added functionality of effectively serving as decor. The caddy’s bottom features a flat design, ensuring it maintains steady positioning on surfaces, reducing slip risks.