Change Counter Automatic Coin Piggy Bank


You can count your coins and save money better with this change counter piggy bank
This can accurately count the coins that you put and display it on the LCD screen as well
It has an addition and subtraction button that you can use by pressing each button for three seconds
Material: ABS + electronic components / Weight: 0.3kg / Size: 12 x 12 x 20.5cm
Battery Life: 10 months – 1 year / Maximum storage: 800 – 1000 coins
Package Content:

1 x Change Counter Automatic Coin Piggy Bank

Change Counter Automatic Coin Piggy Bank
Change Counter Automatic Coin Piggy Bank $29.90

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Change Counter Automatic Coin Piggy Bank
Being thrifty and knowing how to save money is a great trait that can be incredibly useful. In order to save money, some people keep piggy banks and fill it with their coins and changes. This is a simple way of being able to save your extra coins so you can use it for something later in time. However, one of the things about having a piggy bank is not being able to keep track of your money. Eventually, you will have no idea how much you have saved already unless you break open your piggy bank. Now, knowing how much money you already have is important especially for those who have a goal in mind. So, use this change counter as your new piggy bank. Now, you can keep track of your money and save better. Get this one and save your coins in this.
Accurate Counter with LCD Display
This might look like a regular container at first glance. However, this one actually has a smart change counter lid that makes counting coins more convenient. Consequently, this is why this is a much better piggy bank for you to use instead of the usual ones. More so, the change counter lid counts every penny you insert on it. It is able to identify the amount of your coin and add it accurately to every coin you insert right after. Not only that but it also has an LCD display on the counter’s lid. So, this shows you how much money there is already.
Add and Subtract Mode
On the same lid are two buttons that allow you to add or subtract. By pressing either one of the buttons for three seconds, you can then add or subtract an amount. Aside from that, this one has plenty of storage space so you can save a lot of coins.