Children’s Starry Sky Night Light Projector – Perfect for Bedtime


It’s a night lamp and projector; To use the night lamp function, simply remove the disc and strips with pattern
It comes with five sets of films: Magical Universe, Starry Star, Moon, Ocean, and Happy Birthday
You can adjust the brightness and change/adjust the color and light emission settings

Material: ABS+PC / Size: 5.1 x 4.7 inches

Voltage: 12V /Power Supply: USB Charger/3 x AA Battery (Caution: Use Alternatively)
Design Variants:

Earth (Rotating/ Non-Rotating)
Universe (Rotating/ Non-Rotating)
Constellation (Rotating/ Non-Rotating)

Package Content:

1 x Projector Night Lamp( Battery Not Included )

1 x USB Cable

5 x Film Patterns

1 x User Manual

1 x Retail Box

Kid's Night Light Projector
Children's Starry Sky Night Light Projector - Perfect for Bedtime $36.93$38.11

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Kid’s Night Light Projector

Make evenings enchanting with this‌ children’s night light projector. It⁣ offers ‍a captivating light display in⁤ your child’s bedroom, serving dual functions as both a night lamp and ⁣a projector. The dome-shaped top projects engaging ​images onto the room’s ceiling and walls. Distinctly, you can switch the discs inside the projector, creating a fresh light ‍show every night. ⁢

Beyond‍ mere amusement, this night light projector serves as an educational ​tool, offering insights about the planets,⁣ stars, moon, and sea creatures. This device ‍allows for interactive storytelling, as ⁢you weave narratives while the lights twirl ⁣on the ceiling. However, ‌the primary purpose of‌ this device is to‌ ensure you spend memorable⁣ moments​ with your children‍ while witnessing ⁢a mesmerizing indoor light⁣ spectacle, making bedtime⁤ stories ​an immersive⁤ experience.

Product Features

Select the ⁤pattern you desire for your projector from the variants ​section. Additionally, ⁢you can ​choose between a‌ rotating lamp and one with stationary images. Every‌ package‌ includes five sets of disc and⁣ strip patterns to load into the lamp, enabling you to ‌alter⁣ the projected designs ⁤daily, thus maintaining novelty for ​your children.

Function ⁤Buttons

The⁤ lamp is equipped with two buttons at the ‌back. The first button helps you adjust the settings of the light – manipulate its angle, change the color or mix the ⁣colors, apply fade in and fade⁢ out effects or⁢ switch ⁢it off.⁢ The second button provides control over ‍the​ lamp’s brightness and ‍rotation. Short-press the button ⁤for adjusting ‌brightness (100 or 50%), and make long presses ‌to regulate the rotation (for the ‍rotating function variant).