Clear A4 Acrylic Wall Poster/Photo Frame Display Holder in Perspex


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A4 Acrylic Photo Frame Poster Wall Picture Holder Perspex Clear Display
Clear A4 Acrylic Wall Poster/Photo Frame Display Holder in Perspex $19.99

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Product Description:

This acrylic photo frame offers distinctive benefits compared to typical glass or plastic frames. Acrylic is known for its excellent light transmission, far surpassing common plastics and rivaling even glass. The transparency of the material enables your photos to shine through with remarkable clarity.

The acrylic frame is also superior in its durability, unlikely to shatter like glass or fracture like other plastic materials. In addition, it retains its original shape well, resists oxidation, and minimizes any discoloration or deformation with time.

Despite its strength and durability, acrylic is lightweight and easy to handle. This results from its notably lower density compared to glass. Consequently, an acrylic frame is much easier to move or hang, contributing to its convenience and versatility.

The use of acrylic goes beyond its practicality, adding a touch of modern allure to any setting. It can effortlessly blend with different home decors, be it on furniture, posters, display items or decorative panels.

This particular frame can accommodate photos measuring 9.5 x 13.3 inches. You can customize your display by selecting some of your cherished photos and even choosing an appealing pattern for a border if you wish. The placement of these frames can enhance any living space, infusing freshness and a natural touch.

Before using the frames, please make sure to remove the protective films.

Materials: Acrylic

Package Inclusions:

2 x Acrylic Photo Frame
6 x Short Screw
2 x Long Screw