Collapsible Silicone Strainer: Compact and Convenient Kitchen Tool


This Silicone Strainer is efficient to store as it can be reduced in size
Made of silicone material that has a high resistance to high temperatures
Flexible yet still durable enough to effectively separate the liquid from solid food
Material: Silicone
Size: 17.5 x 13 x 10.5 cm
Package Contents:

1 x Silicone Strainer

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Silicone Strainer Collapsible Tool
Collapsible Silicone Strainer: Compact and Convenient Kitchen Tool $19.99

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Introducing the Silicone Strainer Collapsible Tool—a perfect addition to your kitchen. This handy strainer simplifies the process of making pasta, and can also be used to drain various other types of food. Having a strainer is vital in a kitchen setting, as it effortlessly separates solid ingredients from the liquid component in numerous dishes.

This tool is particularly beneficial when cooking pasta or vegetables. Though most strainers perform adequately, many have a fixed shape that can make storage difficult, especially in a kitchen with limited space. Versatile and uniquely built, the main selling point of this strainer is its collapsible feature.

Unlike traditional strainers, the collapsible design allows for easy storage. By pressing the scoop part, it folds into a compact form, saving valuable kitchen space. Need to use it? Simply pull out the collapsible segment to regain its shape.

The incorporated measure in its handle helps determine the right portion of pasta to cook. Just insert the pasta sticks into the handle, and the quantity that fits equates to the amount that will fit in the strainer when cooked.

Constructed with high-grade silicone, this strainer boasts durability and easy handling. The multiple holes expedite the straining process by allowing water to pass through quickly. Unlike metal strainers, silicone provides higher resistance to temperature fluctuations, enabling direct placement in hot water. Plus, silicone doesn’t get heated as rapidly as metal, thereby preventing the handle from becoming uncomfortably hot.

More than just functionally versatile, this tool is also notably easy to maintain. Silicone is easy to clean, and remains safe for food handling. Choose this Silicone Strainer Collapsible Tool—your handy, space-saving solution for everyday kitchen tasks.