Comica BoomX-D MI1 2.4G Digital Wireless Lavalier Microphone with Lightning Port for iPhone


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COMICA BoomX-D MI1 2.4G Digital Wireless 1T1R Lavalier Microphone for Lightning Port for iPhone Mobile Phones
Comica BoomX-D MI1 2.4G Digital Wireless Lavalier Microphone with Lightning Port for iPhone $159.99

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Product Features:

This product operates with a 2.4G digital wireless technology and can be used in any country due to its universal frequency band. It efficiently utilizes ⁣one receiver with two⁤ transmitters. The device comes with an in-built and external ⁢mic, having two input methods available. It’s capable of displaying visual power, audio dynamics, ⁤and similar monitoring ⁤functions on its screen. Additionally,​ it offers mono and stereo, giving multiple output options. ‍

The product⁢ supports real-time monitoring with high fidelity sound quality. With automatic frequency hopping in place, it assures stable audio transmission. Despite its ⁣compact ‌size,⁢ it maintains ⁣a stable transmission ‍distance of up to 50m.

The product is integrated with a multifunctional back clip making ⁢it portable and handy. For optimal performance, use it in⁢ a ‌face-to-face ​position, and avoid any⁤ obstruction at the antenna​ location. For phone usage, it is advisable to turn off⁣ WIFI ⁢and Bluetooth to avoid 2.4G wireless interference. Notably, ⁢in its‍ mono mode, the STEREO function is​ not‍ available.

The device is made to a high-precision standard, therefore avoid any undue impact or rough handling that may damage the equipment. Maintain ​it‌ far from heat sources and other interference sources.⁣ Should the pickup distance⁣ be close or used outdoors, it​ is recommended to apply ‌the microphone’s windproof hair to alleviate popping sound ‌or wind noise.

Kindly refrain from ⁣using the device under rain ⁢or humid conditions to prevent⁢ short circuit incidents. The product must be stored in a dry⁢ environment for preservation.

The Package Includes:

  • 1 Transmitter
  • 1 MI Receiver
  • 1 Wind Muff
  • 1 Reset Pin
  • 1 USB ‌A-USB C Charging Cable
  • 1 User Manual