Compact & Portable Foldable Step Stool with Easy Carry Design


A lightweight and foldable step stool; The most portable step stool when you are going out
You can also use it as a makeshift storage bag with the handle-side up
It folds flat, almost the thickness of a filing folder that one you use to file documents in the office
Material: PP
Folded Size: 375 x 218 x 10 mm(approx)
Expanded Size: 330 x 170 x 155 mm(approx)
Package Content:

 1 x Foldable Stool

Foldable Step Stool Easy Carry Design
Compact & Portable Foldable Step Stool with Easy Carry Design $27.50

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Foldable Step Stool with Easy Carry Design

This foldable step stool is an ideal solution for those seeking a portable and convenient seating option. The stool’s design is such that it can be folded flat, making it similar in size to a handbag. The compact size allows you to carry it in your bag without any considerable burden. This stool is not only beneficial for avoiding long queues at the supermarket but also works perfectly for quick picnic trips at the park. When at home, it can be folded and stowed away very easily, requiring minimal storage space. With a sturdy base, this stool does not wobble and features a curved seat for optimal user comfort.


This foldable step stool is incredibly versatile. Its sturdy base allows it to double as a step ladder, providing extra height to reach elevated spaces. Additionally, when positioned handle-side up, it can be transformed into a makeshift handbag. The stool can be opened slightly, creating enough room for valuable items such as mobile phones or wallets or even leftover food from outings, adding to the convenience of this multifunctional tool.

Slim Design

This step stool boasts a slim design, becoming as thin as a plastic envelope when folded, similar to office filing envelopes. Its extremely lightweight nature, combined with the carry-on handle, substantially enhances its portability. With these features, it proves to be an excellent on-the-go seating option.