Complete Aerial Yoga Swing Set – Perfect for Home and Professional Use


Self-install aerial Yoga swing with three adjustable height levels and six handles
From durable “parachute” cloth material that’s very durable yet light and breathable
With regular use, it helps decompress the spinal cord, improve flexibility, improve blood circulation, strengthen the core and upper limbs
Material: Nylon Taffeta (Parachute cloth) /Screw Rings Material: 304 Stainless Steel / Belt Material: High-Strength Polyester
Load Capacity: 300 kg / Size: 250 x 150 cm
Net weight: 1650 g / Extension Belt and Rings: 400 g / Hammock: 1200 g
Package Content:

1 x Yoga Main Hammock
2 x Assistant Hammock with Handle
4 x Carabiner
2 x Expansion Screw Rings
2 x 1m Extending Belt

Aerial Yoga Swing Full Set
Complete Aerial Yoga Swing Set – Perfect for Home and Professional Use $88.90

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Product Description:

Aerial Yoga Swing Full Set

Ideal for advanced practitioners, this Aerial Yoga Swing pushes your workout to a new height, literally. This set offers more than just a typical yoga session. It provides a full-body strength exercise, contributing to cardiovascular health, increased blood flow, and overall core development.

Product Features:

The Aerial Yoga Swing aids its user in executing more intricate and complex yoga poses. Similar to a hanging hammock, this product, equipped with sturdy handles, can suspend the user, challenging their balance and strength.


This yoga swing set includes everything you need for a fuss-free assembly. Alongside the aerial yoga swing, you will also receive two hammock handles, carabiners, expansion screws, and an extending belt. Installation requires a durable steel beam or a solid ceiling or roof. This yoga swing is crafted from hard-wearing parachute material, supporting a weight of up to 300 kgs. Users have three height adjustments to choose from and six handles to assist with yoga postures. The swing’s fabric is lightweight and breathable for ultimate comfort and ventilation.

Health Benefits:

The Aerial Yoga Swing offers health benefits beyond those found in traditional Yoga. It assists in spinal cord decompression, making it extremely beneficial for individuals who spend long hours seated at work. Practicing aerial yoga at least once a week can counterbalance the impacts of prolonged sitting. Plus, it enhances flexibility, improves blood circulation, and builds strength in your upper body and core muscles.