Cookie Design Hand Mirror


It has an adorable cookie design
Handy and easy to use. You can easily put it inside your bag
Gorgeous and functional pocket mirror with a small comb
Material: Plastic
Size: 6.2cm x 1.2cm
Package Includes:

1 x Hand Mirror Cookie Design
1 x Small Comb

In stock

Hand Mirror Cookie Design
Cookie Design Hand Mirror $15.75

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Hand Mirror Cookie Design

This hand mirror boasts a charming cookie design that appeals to users of all ages. Hand mirrors are useful tools carried regularly by women in different walks of life, from students to working adults, and this design offers a playful twist on a daily essential. A mirror is a practical item to have in your bag or pocket for quick checks and adjustments of your look throughout the day. It allows you to easily manage your hairstyle, makeup, and overall appearance, turning it into a must-have item. Consider carrying this fun and useful mirror with you wherever you go.
Small Yet Useful Cosmetic Mirror

Despite its compact size, this cookie-designed cosmetic mirror offers substantial utility. It also makes for an ideal gift for female friends and relatives. Mirrors like this one can also double as a stylish home decor piece, magnifying their usefulness beyond just pocket-size reflective tools.

Having a mirror in personal possession promotes self-recognition and understanding, aiding in the development of our sense of self. It lets us inspect our facial features in contrast to the clothes we’re wearing and can even help boost our confidence. Practicing self-communication in front of a mirror can lessen awkwardness when interacting with others, especially during events or parties. To summarize, this playful yet practical mirror is a beneficial accessory to have.