Copper Welding Rod Stinger, 300A Non-Slip Handle Electrode Holder


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300A Electrode Holder Stick Welder Copper Welding Rod Stinger Non-slip Handle Clamp Tool for Ship Factory Mining
Copper Welding Rod Stinger, 300A Non-Slip Handle Electrode Holder $9.99

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This high-performance ground clamp is shaped from heat-resistant materials and specially treated for insulation, providing it with an ability to withstand high temperatures without conducting heat. It’s known for its professional engineering design and remarkable strength and hardness that assure utmost durability.

One key feature that stands out is its thick and comfortable mango anti-slip design. This ensures you can comfortably handle the ground clamp and at the same time prevents it from accidentally slipping off your hand. The product is easy to replace when need be and is conveniently effortless to load and use.

Its versatility makes it a perfect fit for factory ships and mining ships alike. What’s more, it promises a stable performance and high reliability that can be trusted upon to get the job done. With this, you also get a perfect accessory for your manual welding machine.

Here are some great detailed specifications worth noting: It can handle a current of up to 300A, Its maximum cable and electrode diameters are both 3mm, The product is a sleek black color that equates to universal compatibility. It’s made from strong, durable ABS materials and has been formulated in a handy size of 75mm.

The package includes 1 x Ground clamp. Have a peek at the detailed pictures to get a better understanding of the product.

Check out the amazing images below to get a visual understanding of the product: