Cordless High Pressure Washer Kit for Car Wash and Water Cleaning Machine


High Pressure Cordless Washer Car Wash Pressure Water Cleaning Machine Kit
Cordless High Pressure Washer Kit for Car Wash and Water Cleaning Machine $76.99$91.99

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Discover the versatility of ‍our multifunctional​ water guns. With the ​ability to switch water types at your convenience, ⁢you can ⁤adjust the water flow from a gentle trickle to a⁣ powerful stream by simply rotating⁣ the​ nozzle. Choose between fan-shaped and direct water line adjustments‍ to suit your needs.

Our water guns are portable and self-priming, offering a‌ faster and stronger performance. They come with a built-in ‍stainless steel fine filter that‍ effectively⁤ and​ deeply filters out impurities in the water.

Equipped with ⁤a powerful ‌lithium battery, these water guns ‌promise an extended service life. They can be used as wash ‍water guns or ⁤garden irrigation tools, making them ⁣ideal for ‍a variety of tasks such as garden watering, agricultural irrigation,​ car washing, and household cleaning.

Use them ⁣to clean cars, boats, ​motor homes, driveways, decks, bicycles, gardens, ⁢courtyards, sidewalks, and more.

Type: Car Wash Cleaning Machine Kit
Material: ABS, Stainless Steel
Color: Red
Output Voltage: 88VF
Power: 300W
Battery: 20000mah
Peak pressure: 30Bar
Working time: 40 minutes
Outlet Pipe Length: 5M
Battery(Optional): 1pc /2pcs

Safety Warning:
Please‍ handle the battery pack with care. Do not disassemble, open, or cut up the battery pack. Avoid short-circuiting the battery pack and do not store batteries in boxed or drawers where they could come into contact with other metal objects. Do not expose batteries to heat⁣ sources or flames and avoid storing under direct sunlight. Do not remove batteries from their original packing before use. Avoid causing mechanical impact to the battery.

Package includes:
Pattern 1(Standard Version):
1x Car Washer
1x Battery
1x Charger
1x Stainless Steel Pole
1x Foam Kettle
1x 5m Water Hose
1x Water​ pipe Connector
2x Nozzle
1x ⁢Filter
1 x User Manual

Pattern 2(Standard Version):
1x Car Washer
2x⁤ Battery
1x Charger
1x Stainless‍ Steel Pole
1x Foam Kettle
1x 5m Water ⁤Hose
1x Water pipe Connector
2x Nozzle
1x Filter
1 ‌x User Manual

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